It all begins with the idea that somehow, I qualify to get my consciousness uploaded into an android of my likeness. I was also graciously chosen as dictator (by myself) and appointed as leader of Space North Korea. This Space Station is not owned or governed by the actual country North Korea, I'm just the regular American person who is leader of the station. In Space North Korea, the way society operates is through participation in GAME SHOWS. The largest and most lucrative being Space North Korean Idol. There are many participants in this competition, however only one ever wins. My robotic pet dinosaur named Chombs. Chombs has a similar appearance to the Neopet Chomby, but he is much cooler and more realistic in appearance. Everyone has come to terms with Chombs winning the ultimate grand prize which is eternal salvation, bestowed to the constestant by the leader (Me). Chombs is also a judge for the competition. Some may call this "unfair" or a "conflict of interest" but I trust Chomb's judgement as a judge and view him as the only worthy opponent for many of the contestants, one of them being the fabulous Jake Gylenhaal. Jake Gylenhaal always comes in second and recieves a hug from Ryan Reynolds after losing painfully each time to Chombs.